Hi! i'm Ali

I strive to embody the values of a Proverbs 31 woman. Balancing my roles as a devoted wife with my own skills and talents as an entrepreneur, homemaker, and podcaster.

Wife, CEO, Author, Digital Creator.

I am the CEO & Founder of The Calico Network which was birthed as a result of my first show, the My Morning Devotional podcast. I have a passion for spreading the gospel to adults and children alike through the network and the books I write. In my free time, I enjoy baking, traveling, and hosting my family and friends.

Whether it's capturing life's special moments or creating meaningful content, I strive to make every day an opportunity to connect and inspire other women to live life as a proverb 31 gal.

A little more about me... on a more  personal level.

My house caught fire in 2009 and what followed were years of struggle as my dad battled addiction and my family dynamic fell apart. I would escape the pains of life by staying busy. Working many jobs, planning every event for my sorority in college, exploring every business idea I had, constantly searching. When life was too hard to stand, I found myself kneeling at the feet of Jesus. In 2013 attended a woman's conference at my now, home church. It took 3 years to get back to the house of God but in 2016 I returned and gave my life to follow Jesus. In 2020 I launched my podcast, My Morning Devotional and I never looked back.

Today I have found joy. Joy in my marriage. Joy in the mundane days of life. Joy in living with Jesus at the center. I love to binge TV shows with my husband. I love to bake, and travel. I love to spend long weekends at theme parks or at the pool with the BBQ on. Game nights are a staple in the Delamota home. My mom would always say "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" - and I take that very seriously today with my home. In short, my house is your house.

What you can expect!

I understand the importance of breaking bread with the people we love, and I have a passion for hosting. Because of that, I knew I had to open my home for you - my online family - so that you can open your home for others. Every week I strive to upload 1-2 new blog articles to help you with inspiration on new recipes to try, game nights to host, or dinner parties for your family & friends.

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Remember to Celebrate!

The best thing in life is celebrating all of life's moments with those you love. As I open my home for you, I hope you open your home to others and together we can spread some light in our corners of the world!


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